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Organic Hojicha Green Tea

Mighty Leaf Tea Bio Hodzsicsa Zöld Tea 15 darab selyemfilter dobozban / Mighty Leaf Tea Organic Hojicha Green Tea 15 silken pouches in box
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No. of pouches 15
Pouch packaging aroma-lock cello wrap
Box easy-pick carton
Strength low
Water temperature 80 C˚

Organic Hojicha green tea is made of organic bancha tea, a mixture of pan-fired and slow roasted loose leaf green tea leaves that yield a rich, nutty brew. Compared to most other green tea types, Organic Hojicha contains lower levels of caffeine, and is therefore considered suitable for children and elderly people as well, and can be enjoyed even in the evening hours. Savor the toasty notes in this hearty cup as infused by our silken tea pouch, our take on the gourmet tea bag.

3,500 Ft
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