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Corporate Menu Card

Az Ön Mighty Leaf Tea Menükártyája 6 fakkos dobozhoz, magyarul / Your Personal Mighty Leaf Tea Menu Card for 6 unit presentation box in Hungarian
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A custom-made accessory for a 6 or 9 unit Mighty Leaf Tea presentation box that lists all tea pouches on display. Compartment overview includes tea names and short descriptions.

Please choose below a combination of box size and language choice.

Your Personal Menu Card will be produced based on your selection of box size, to fit on the inside of your lid just right. All Menu Cards are protected from wear-and-tear by durable plastic laminate.


If teas from across various categories are combined on a single menu card, then the order of presentation is Black, Green, Fruit & Herbal.

If multiple spaces are filled with the same tea in the box, the same information will be repeated on the menu card for each corresponding place.

Because each compartment corresponds to a specific place on the menu card, tea pouches are to be arranged in the box according to the layout of the menu card.

You are welcome to present Your company’s logo or a short text message (max. 30 char.) – free of extra charge – at the top section of the card.

1,400 Ft
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