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Chocolate Truffle Mini Tin Set

Mighty Leaf Tea Csokis Trüffel Mini Doboz Szett (6) / Chocolate Truffle Mini Tin Box Set of 6 flavors
  • Mighty_leaf_tea_chocolate_truffle_mini_tin_box.csokis_truffel_mini_doboz
  • Mighty_leaf_tea_mayan_chocolate_truffle_herbal_tea.maja_csokis_truffel
  • Mighty_leaf_tea_masala_chocolate_truffle_herbal_tea.csokolades_maszala_truffel
  • Mighty_leaf_tea_chocolate_mint_truffle.csokis_menta_truffel
  • Mighty_leaf_tea_chocolate_orange_truffle.narancsos_csokolade_truffel
  • Mighty_leaf_tea_mocha_truffle_pu-erh.mocsa_puer_truffel
  • Mighty_leaf_tea_pear_caramel_truffle_black_tea.kortes_karamellas_truffel
  • Mighty_leaf_tea_chocolate_truffle_mini_set.csokis_truffel_mini_szett
Net Weight 170 g.
Box 6 metal tins in carton
Strength Various (strong to none)

A perfect set of 6 different loose tea flavors for tea drinkers who also like chocolate.

Contains 6 mini tin boxes with these flavors:

Mayan Chocolate Truffle
apples, strawberries, safflower, chili, chocolate chips, cacao nibs, natural flavors. (Contains milk and soy.)
Masala Chocolate Truffle
cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, cloves, pepper, natural chocolate flavors.
Chocolate Mint Truffle
rooibos, spearmint, cacao nibs, chocolate flavors.
Chocolate Orange Truffle
black tea, green tea, jasmine flowers, vanilla bean bits, orange peels, chocolate chips, cacao nibs, natural flavors. (Contains milk and soy.)
Mocha Pu-erh Truffle
Pu-erh tea, black tea, chocolate chips, cacao nibs, orange peels, flavors. (Contains milk and soy.)
Pear Carmel Truffle
Black tea, pear, caramel, cacao nibs, chocolate chips, flavors.(Contains milk and soy.)
8,500 Ft
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