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Thousand Days Red Jasmine

Mighty Leaf Fehér Jázmin Virág 5 / Thousand Days Red Jasmine Flowering Tea
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Flowering tea quantity 5 or 10
Flower packaging aroma-lock cello-wrap
Strength medium
Water temperature 90 C˚

Tea flowers are not produced by the tea plant itself, rather they are handcrafted specialties combining tea leaves, and – depending on the type – other ingredients, like flower petals. These unique teas are reminiscent of dried flowers, and their name refers to the wonderful spectacle of ‘blooming’ they produce when dropped in warm water.

Use Thousand Days Red Jasmine to bring a sense of the unexpected into a moment You share with your friends or loved ones, making it an experience that is set apart from everyday life. Thousand Days Red Jasmine is not only a special sight to behold, but also produces several cups worth of brew with excellent flavor. Like most other green and white teas of high quality, Thousand Days Red Jasmine also produces at least one additional batch of brew if the teapot is refilled with warm water, although – naturally – the spectacle of blooming unfolds only at the first brewing, so put the tea flower in a spacious translucent vessel and look carefully so You don’t miss the moment when the flower unfurls.

The uniqueness of white tea originates from the minimal amount of processing that the leaves and buds undergo after being picked. As opposed to green and black varieties, white tea is comprised of only the youngest buds and leaves on the tea plant, which are normally allowed to wither and dry in sunlight and fresh air. The lack of fermentation and heating produces a less robust flavor compared to other teas, and is therefore closest to the original taste of the natural tea leaves. White tea is attributed an abundance of health preservation benefits.

2,160 Ft