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White Orchard

Mighty Leaf Tea Fehér Liget gyümölcsös ízesítésű fehér és zöld tea, 15 darab selyemfilter dobozban / Mighty Leaf Tea White Orchard fruit flavored white and green tea, 15 silken pouches in box
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No. of pouches 15
Pouch packaging aroma-lock cello wrap
Box easy-pick carton
Strength low
Water temperature 75 C˚

Made with white tea from China and a hint of green tea, our White Orchard white tea is a harmonious blend of mouthwatering fruits of melon and peach, and pure Chinese tea. The uniqueness of white tea originates from the minimal amount of processing that the leaves and buds undergo after being picked. As opposed to green and black varieties, white tea is comprised of only the youngest buds and leaves on the tea plant, which are normally allowed to wither and dry in sunlight and fresh air. The lack of fermentation and heating produces a less robust flavor compared to other teas, and is therefore closest to the original taste of the natural tea leaves. White tea is attributed an abundance of health preservation benefits.

3,750 Ft
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