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Herbal Infusion Variety

Mighty Leaf Tea Gyümölcs és Herbál Tea Kostoló 15 darab selyemfilter dobozban / Mighty Leaf Tea Herbal Infusion Variety 15 silken pouches in box
  • Mighty_leaf_tea_herbal_infusion_variety.gyumolcs_herbal_kostolo_15_selyemfilter.doboz
  • Chamomile_citrus_kamilla_citrus_mighty_leaf_tea_levelek_leaves
  • Mighty_leaf_tea_organic_african_nectar_leaves.bio_afrikai_nektar_levelek
  • Mighty_leaf_tea_rainforest_mate_leaves.esoerdo_mate_leaves
  • Mighty_leaf_tea_ginger_twist_leaves.gyomber_tunder_levelek
  • Mighty_leaf_tea_organic_mint_melange_leaves.bio_menta_melanzs_levelek
No. of pouches 15
Pouch packaging aroma-lock cello wrap
Box easy-pick carton
Strength none (Mate: medium)
Water temperature 100 C˚(Mate: 80C˚)

The Herbal Infusion Variety is the perfect introduction to a variety of our signature herbal tea blends. Soothe and refresh with five of our artisan crafted herbal infusions. Enjoy loose leaf tea in our convenient silken tea pouch, our gourmet teabag twist.


Chamomile Citrus, Organic African Nectar, Rainforest Mate, Ginger Twist, Organic Mint Melange.

3,500 Ft
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