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Tea Pillow Package

Mighty Leaf Tea Párna Ajándék 10-es csomag / Tea Pillow Gift set of 10
  • Mighty_leaf_tea_pillow_gift.tea_parna_ajandek
  • Mighty_leaf_tea_bombay_chai_foil_wrap.bombay_csa%cc%81j_dekortasak
No. of pouches 30
Pouch packaging aroma-lock decor-wrap
Box carton pillow

The Mighty Leaf Tea Pillow is an excellent choice if you are looking to give small presents to a group of people you like, wish to celebrate, or present as a token of your appreciation.

Each Pillow contains 3 individually decor-foil wrapped silken tea pouches of the same kind. The Pillow Package contains 10 Tea Pillows holding a total of 30 Mighty Leaf Tea silken pouches.

Please select the contents of your Tea Pillows from the available variants below.
(If you have a special request, please send an Email.)

8,600 Ft
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