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Mighty Leaf Variety

Mighty Leaf Vegyes Tea Kostoló adagolóablakos kartondoboz / Mighty Leaf Variety box
  • Mighty_leaf_tea_variety_15_silken_pouches_box.vegyes_tea_kostolo_15_selyemfilter_dobozban
  • Mighty_leaf_tea_variety_15_silken_pouches_box.vegyes_tea_kostolo_15_selyemfilter_dobozban.f
  • Mighty_leaf_tea_organic_earl_grey_leaves.bio_earl_grey_levelek
  • Mighty_leaf_orange_dulce_leaves.narancsos_dulcse_tealevelek
  • Mighty_leaf_tea_organic_breakfast_leaves.bio_reggeli_tea_levelek
  • Organic_spring_jasmine_bio_jazminos_zold_mighty_leaf_tea_leaves_tealevelek
  • Mighty_leaf_tropusi_zold_tealevelek.green_tea_tropical_leaves
  • Chamomile_citrus_kamilla_citrus_mighty_leaf_tea_levelek_leaves
  • Mighty_leaf_tea_organic_african_nectar_leaves.bio_afrikai_nektar_levelek
No. of pouches 15
Pouch packaging aroma-lock cello wrap
Box easy-pick carton
Strength various (strong to none)

With a single box of Mighty Leaf Variety you can taste 7 different flavors from all 3 categories of Mighty Leaf Tea, making this the best choice if you wish to take a “tour” across the varied landscape that is Mighty Leaf Tea.


Black Organic Earl Grey, Orange Dulce, Organic Breakfast
Green Organic Spring Jasmine, Green Tea Tropical
Fruit & Herbal Chamomile Citrus, Organic African Nectar
3,500 Ft
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