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Wellness Mini Tin Set

Mighty Leaf Tea Wellness Mini Tin Set / Wellness Mini Szett
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The Mighty Leaf Tea Wellness Mini Tin Set contains various complex infusions combining various well-known and less-common herbal and similar ingredients. While each cup of tea contains only small quantities of each ingredient, it is recommended to consult the detailed list of ingredients to determine if consumption of any ingredient is contraindicated.

List of Ingredients

Aloe Serenity
Green tea, aloe vera (aloe vera, sugar, acidifier: citric acid), inulin powder, rose petals, flavouring
Organic Detox
Peppermint (mentha piperita), Burdock (arctium lappa), Dandelion root (taraxacum officinale), Licorice (glycyrrhiza glabra), Red Clover Flower (trifolium pratense), Basil
Calming Moon
Fennel (foeniculum vulgare), Licorice (glycyrrhiza glabra), Peppermint (mentha piperita), Spearmint (mentha spicata), Lemon Myrtle (backhousia citriodora)
Spirulina Stamina
Balm mint (melissa officinalis), mate green (ilex paraguariensis), blackberry leaves (Rubus fruticosus), cinnamon (cinnamomanum zeylanicum), rosehip (rosa canina), schizandra (schisandra chinensis), black currant, spirulina (spirulina platensis), natural flavors
Rooibos Renewal
Green Rooibos (aspalanthus linearis), natural flavors, blue mallow flowers (malva sylvestris), rose petals (rosa damascena), orange peel (citrus sinensis)
Catmint (nepeta cataria), Lavender (lavandula sp.), Lemon Balm (melissa officinalis), Hawthorne berry, Licorice, Vervaine
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