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The Superior Quality of Mighty Leaf Tea

Mighty Leaf Tea: the great taste of loose tea – the ease of a filter.

The key to the overall high quality of the Mighty Leaf Tea experience is that we present our excellent ingredients in a proprietary silken pouch that allows its contents to come to their full flavor potential while preventing any undesirable tastes from appearing in the cup.

  1. Unbleached:

    We use 100% unbleached cotton to stitch our silken tea pouches with a proprietary process.

  2. No Glue or Staples:

    Unlike some other brands, we do not use any staples or glue, so there are no undesirable tastes and the pouch is eco-friendly.

  3. 100% Biodegradable:

    Our Silken Tea Pouch is crafted of a corn based compostable material, so it can be disposed of in an environmentally friendly way right after use.

  4. Informative Label:

    Color coded to indicate Caffeine level and Tea Type, includes tea name and its suggested brewing-time as well.

  5. Extra Space:

    Plenty of space for the leaves to unfurl, a key feature allowing the ingredients to give off their flavor, vitamins, and minerals to their full potential, since on contact with hot water tea leaves absorb the fluid and swell.

  6. Excellent Ingredients:

    Mighty Leaf Silken Tea Pouches are filled only with carefully sourced, whole-leaf loose teas, fruits, spices, herbs, flowers and other ingredients; as opposed to some other brands that hide their inferior left-over tea-dust in opaque paper filters.